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Couples + Packages

Life is elevated when we spa together!

We love Groups! Call us to find out how we can accommodate. 


Heighten the Vibe
 75 min - $320 per couple

Just a damn good couples massage in the same room on the same vibe.

The Getaway
2.25hr - $310 per person

Oh boy! This package is the whole shabang of getaway goodness.

15 min Sauna sesch

60 min Bespoke Massage​

30 min Bespoke Facial

30 min Feelin' Dreamy mini wrap

Nailed it!
1hr 45 min - $140 per person

Walk out feeling relaxed + confident with this spa Mani-Pedi combo.

60 min Honey Citrus Ale Pedicure

45 Min Citrus Mint Meringue Manicure

Love yo Self
2hr - $285 per person

This moment is just for yo bad ass self!

60 min Hydrate, Honey Massage + 60 min Matcha Magic Elixir Facial

Beautifully Mellowed
2hr - $205 per person

Beauty + wellness can go hand in hand with this mellowing package.

60 min Blushing Agave Massage

60 min Honey Citrus Ale Pedicure

couples massage McCall Idaho

60 min Couples Massage or Facial + 15 min Couples Infrared Sauna 

Each can choose their vibe of our Bespoke Massage or Matcha Magic Elixir Facial

Keepin' it Va. nil. la  60 min $260 - 90 min $390 per couple

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