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Sound baths have amazing benefits like:

Sound Therapy Sessions

Deeper relaxation
Loosened muscles
Increased body awareness
Improved mood + wellbeing
Better sleep quality
Stress relief
May Lower blood pressure
Sound bath
Our sound tech Lindsey has an educational background in Music, she is a
multi-instrumentalist and utilizes this talent to benefit her guests. Bringing a uniqueness to your session. Check out her offerings below:
Private one on one session
60 min - $130
Slide into a cocoon of deep relaxation with your own private sound bath session.

Private group session
60 min - $195 up to 3 people
Add additional guests at $65 per person
Bring your besties for a moment of chill. Lindsey will customize your sound bath with a multitude of instruments to soothe your soul.

Group sound bath

Introductory sound bath tune-up
30 min - $65
Add a layer of peacefulness to your massage or facial with this tune-up

On location group event
60 min - Starting at $360
Great for:
Family gatherings
Girls trip
Bachlorette party
Couples getaway

Call us for more details 

Infrared Sauna 

Infrared Sauna

Experience our Infrared Sauna by adding 15 to your Service session or 30 min session that Includes use of shower, towels, rosemary-mint infused cold hand towels and a complimentary electrolyte water. Best to bring a swimsuit or similar. If you have medical conditions, please call us at 208-634-4169 to discuss contraindications before booking. 

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