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Nails + Pedicures

keeping in mind that we are a spa and provide a sanctuary for those looking to connect and recharge, we ask that you keep voices to a minimum and turn off cell phones while sitting back, relaxing and enjoy being in the moment. Our nail services may take a bit longer as they are meant to relax and beautify ... in other words, we ain't no turn in burn salon ... so come chill with us!

Basic Babe Mani

30 min $55

This is a no frill dry Manicure for babes on the go that don't need all the fluff and want to change things up more often. 

Includes nail and cuticle care plus polish.

Add Gel Polish $15

Citrus Mint Meringue
45 min $65


Honey Citrus Ale
60 min - $85


Your blissful pedi starts off with a warm minty soak and followed by a sugary sweet polish to slough away dead skin cells, leaving you oh so soft. Next up, your heels get all the TLC with a scrumptious honey glaze to seal in moisture + give tired feet a boost!

Nail care and a steady massage finishes off this treatment, with its scents of juniper and ale. Finalize with a pop of color!

Add Gel Polish $15

Tired, dry skin dips into a cozy + softening rosemary mint soak to begin. prepping for a frothy, sugar whipped exfoliation! Newly softened, hands are sealed with a velvety spearmint, balmy blend of blue tansy and shea butter. Nail care ensues, a polish is painted and skin is left silky and soft.

Add Gel Polish $15

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