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Nails + Pedicures

keeping in mind that we are a spa and provide a sanctuary for those looking to connect and recharge, we ask that you keep voices to a minimum and turn off cell phones while sitting back, relaxing and enjoy being in the moment. Our nail services may take a bit longer as they are meant to relax and beautify ... in other words, we ain't no turn in burn salon ... so come chill with us!

Spiced Hot Toddy
60 min - $85


Dip your toes into a warm bath bursting with antioxidant-goodness to prep before a sugary bourbon scrub is applied. Next a Honey + Aloe wrap locks in moisture while you sit back, relax and breathe while we clean up your nails, prep for a massage and end with the perfect polish!

Add Gel Polish $15

A Fireside Toast
45 min $65


Looking for a little relaxation with a side of soft skin? You've come to the right spa. This spa manicure begins with a spicy soak, followed by nail care, a Kentucky whiskey scrub sloughs away tired skin cells, after, a silkening honey chai mask soaks in to hold moisture. A massage with a spiced steeped milk lotion and polish finish up this cozy sesch!

Add Gel Polish $15

75 min - $105


Tootsies will glisten with this extended Pedi. You'll enjoy a delicious soak, a salty creamy scrub, a stimulating aloe serum helps promote circulation and tighten the surface, your nail care will be impeccable, followed by a velvety, minty mask to repair dry cracked skin and end with an extended firm massage and polish.

Add Gel Polish $15

Nail Services

Hard Gel Full Set - $100+
Hard Gel Fill - $70+

Gel Overlay - $90
Polygel - $100+
Removal - $50
Nail Art or Repair - $7+ per nail
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