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Facial + Body Treatments

Beachy Glow
45 min - $105

Take a trip to the islands with this creamy, gentle cleanser that whips up on skin, exfoliating with sugar and apricot seed powder, while moisturizing with shea butter and coconut water.

Or... enhance your massage or facial with a shortened version for $85

Feelin' Dreamy
45 min $105

 A prickly pear Cactus Toning Gel that improves skin’s elasticity is painted on — helping firm the surface! Next you'll be enveloped in a warm cocoon. Cap off this detox with a hydrating shea butter application. Soft notes of red berry and cream are left in its wake. Here’s to you!

Or... enhance your massage or facial with a shortened version for $85

Moonlit Merlot

60 min - $130

Antioxidant Facial

Set the mood to, well rested during this antioxidant facial. Chock-full of CoQ10 softeners, resveratrol rich serum and slow-release retinol for those fine lines, we know you'll feel replenished and balanced, just in time to wine down.

Matcha Magic Elixir
60 min - $130

Restorative Facial

 Using our magic concoctions like green tea extract, firming banana + turmeric mask, and peptide rich ingredients, this restorative facial will leave your skin bewitching in beautiful skin!

Facial Enhancements

Now let's take your self-care a step further and elevate your session with magic you didn't even know you needed. 

Each one is designed to flow seamlessly into your facial service and are an upgrade of only $30 per enhancement!

Hand Treatment

 This totally minty mask + calming aloe serum make one stimulating hand treatment. Perfect for mature, dry skin.

Perfectly Pouty 
Lip Treatment

This lip treatment exfoliates + hydrates with a avocado lip mask. Moisture is locked in with a seasonal lip balm.

Kick It!
Foot Treatment

A sugary pineapple-coconut scrub + a whipped buttery mask soften your tootsies while a firm massage with an ultra hydrating shea butter leaves your feet feelin' ammmazing!

Slightly Salty Stones

Wind down your massage with a warming CBD oil + warm salt stones on the neck, shoulders + arms

Cool Awakening
Eye Treatment

Tired eyes receive an instant refreshment when a CBD moisture mask, a peptide serum and chilled gua sha tools are used.

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