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Massage + Enhancements

We believe our self-care needs change moment to moment so...

Your session can be customized to any therapeutic pressure you prefer, more time on specific areas can be requested, the music can be changed to your favorite calming tune, we can add stretching for your specific needs, if the temp isn't quite to your liking, we can adjust, basically it's your moment let's bespoke it! 

Bespoke Massage
60 min $120 - 90 min $180

Whether suffering from travel fatigue, work induced stress or general aches and pains, your massage therapist will bespeak an artful combination of modalities from their bodywork repertoire to help relieve pain and discomfort.

* Medium to firm pressure

Hydrate, Honey
60 min $145 - 90 min $205

A warm serum of honey + papaya is skillfully painted to each area after a soothing massage has ensued, leaving the skin nurtured + smoothed and oh... so... hydrated! 

* Medium to firm pressure

Restorative AF
60 min $155 - 90 min $215

This full body restorative CBD massage is beneficial in restoring balance by utilizing a full body infused oil + topical pain relief cream all rolled into a damn chill deep tissue 

+ passive stretching massage bespoken to your specific needs.

* This is a firm to deep tissue service

Salty Stones
60 min $145 - 90 min $205

Full body salt stone massage with a CBD warming oil... hell yes!

* Medium to firm pressure

Now let's take your self-care a step further and elevate your session with magic you didn't even know you needed. 

Each one is designed to flow seamlessly into your massage service and are an upgrade of only $30 per enhancement!


Allergies + sinus pressure got you down? Take a deep breath cuz, we got you! Dedicated time to your face + scalp + neck using Gua Sha tools + aromatherapy + cold therapy to open up your sinuses and move out the gunk.

Fresh Vibes

A sublime lime foaming scrub cleanses the back, followed by a cactus toning mask to stimulate circulation + improves skin's elasticity. Don't forget the agave nectar moisturizer to top it off. It's like a Margarita for your back!

Infrared Sauna

15 min of toasty goodness to get your muscles nice and primed for your massage sech!

Kick it!

 An orange cream cleansing scrub + a hydrating avocado mask soften your tootsies while a firm massage with an ultra hydrating shea butter leaves your feet feelin' ammmazing!

Slightly Salty Stones

Wind down your massage with a warming CBD oil + warm salt stones on the back, neck, shoulders + feet. 

Chill AF

Pain relief at its finest!

Add this calming enhancement that utilizes CBD infused oil + highly concentrated pain cream on all the sore spots.

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